The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.

The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.



The SmartAisle™ infrastructure from Vertiv offers considerable savings in CAPEX and OPEX via an intelligent, integrated row-based system. The infrastructure integrates racks, power, cooling and infrastructure management into a holistic data center solution.

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적합한 용도:
  • Banking Financial and Insurance
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Telecom


Simplified, rapid deployment that means that installation
doesn’t hinder productivity or break budgets
Enhanced cooling efficiency with the Liebert® CRV™ rowbased
 precision cooling system, Liebert iCOM® Controls
and cold aisle containment – combining to deliver PUEs
15-25% lower on average than that of a conventionally
designed data center with the same capacity
Industry’s highest efficiency UPS and power
management systems with modular designs for
easier scalability
Comprehensive visibility, insight and control via data
center infrastructure management technologies ensure
availability and efficiency when you need them most


High-efficiency precision cooling technologies and environmental controls – Liebert CRV precision cooling system with
Liebert iCOM controls matches cooling to
rack load, and reduces cooling system energy
consumption through:
Digital scroll compressor
EC plug fans
Teamwork control modes
Modular, scalable high-efficiency power – Liebert APM™ UPS provides reliable, transformer-free, on-line, uninterrupted power, and KIRK® key interlock system for safety
Flexible power distribution – Liebert MB™ Modular Busway is a flexible and more economical way to deliver power to the rack
without the cost and hassle of power cable whips. It connects directly to rack PDUs
Cold Aisle Containment – inexpensively supports capacity increases by separating hot and cold air for increased efficiency
Flexible platform for easy configuration – Full-depth DCF™ racks maximize space utilization and allow you add any type of IT or networking equipment and simplify cable management with tool-less accessories
Flexible rack PDUs – Liebert MPX™ adaptive rack PDU or Liebert MPH™ managed rack PDU provide flexibility and power control at the
receptacle level, and faster implementation of IT equipment
Comprehensive, remote data center infrastructure management – Avocent® appliances and software and Liebert Nform™ and Liebert SiteScan™ softwares provide comprehensive, remote monitoring and control 
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