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The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.


Liebert NXL 300-800kVA

The industry’s most reliable power protection and advanced technology has been combined into a new generation of threephase UPS systems for high power applications – the Liebert NXL from Emerson Network Power. The Liebert NXL provides excellent dynamic performance, with the ability to handle virtually any input condition while still providing computer grade output to critical loads.

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적합한 용도:
  • Banking Financial and Insurance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Telecom


Liebert NXL is designed for flexibility in application:
Matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinets for
easy configuration
Top or bottom cable entry
Internal cabinet cable wiring simplifies installation.
Ship-ahead I/O section can be installed before UPS
High Availability
Availability is a primary consideration in any UPS selection.
Liebert NXL is inherently reliable:
 Liebert ActiveStar® Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controls
- no potentiometers
Redundant fans & system power supplies to ensure
maximum availability
Built-in zig-zag transformer to ensure high fault current
handling capability increasing availability
Provide superior handling of present and future leading
power factor loads
High fault current capability
Color touch screen controls improve user interface and
reduce risk of human error
Excellent dynamic performance
Generator and utility friendly with low current distortion
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Liebert NXL addresses ownership costs with intelligent design
and operating efficiency:
Front access for installation and service
Compact cabinets require less floorspace
Standard Top and Bottom cable entry
Inter-cabinet cabling requires less hard wiring
Built-in battery cabinet breaker isolates string for ease of
High efficiency
Intelligent Paralleling optimizes


UPS protection for medium and large facilities
Single and multi-module systems with latest generation technology
Color touch-screen controls
Matching battery cabinets and maintenance bypass cabinet
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