The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.

The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.


HSS Series Solar Subrack

HSS488 series solar sub rack provides an easy, interruption free and economical solution to upgrade a legacy DC power system. HSS488 series solar sub rack was built in with high efficiency solar MPPT converter S48-2000e3 which provides ultra high efficiency more than 96% significantly improving energy efficiency and advanced control unit with enhanced load management and remote monitoring capabilities.

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Seamless integration with legacy DC power system.
Compact, modular, hot pluggable solar subrack.
Interruption free installation.
Equipped with MPPT charger providing maximum power track precision of up to 99.5%.
Delivers ultra high efficiency of up to 98%.
Supports soft scalable technology.
Integrated protection from external lightening surges.
Full front access, easy for operation & maintenance.
Safety: CE certified and complies with EN60950 and EN62109 standards.

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Vertiv (Customer Service for DC Power Systems & Outdoor Enclosures)
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Vertiv (Technical Support for DC Power and Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 5260
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