The page you're viewing is for Japanese (Japan) region.

The page you're viewing is for Japanese (Japan) region.

Data center complete critical infrastucture systems

Products & Services

Vertiv offers critical infrastructure technologies and rapidly-deployable customized solutions to meet specific business requirements and needs.

Unplanned downtime affects every aspect of business. That's why Vertiv offers reliable and efficient products that work together to safeguard mission-critical networks.

Power Distribution Power Control and Monitoring Power Control and Monitoring


High-performance thermal management solutions from Vertiv promise the world's most reliable, sustainable, and cost effective heat management for critical spaces.

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Vertiv data center racks, cabinets, and enclosure solutions provide modular support and protection to critical IT and facilities.



Serial Consoles and Gateways Secure KVM IP KVM Switches Desktop KVM and KM Software Monitoring IT Management

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