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Rivolgiti a un rappresentante di Vertiv che lavorerà al tuo fianco e ti aiuterà a realizzare progetti complessi in base alle tue esigenze. Se la tua organizzazione ha bisogno di assistenza tecnica per un grande progetto, Vertiv può fornirti tutto il supporto necessario.

Ulteriori informazioni

Molti clienti si affidano ai reseller che sono partner di Vertiv per l’acquisto di prodotti ideali per le loro applicazioni IT. Affidati alle elevate competenze dei nostri partner che, grazie ai prodotti Vertiv, sono in grado di offrire soluzioni complete per infrastrutture e applicazioni IT: dalle specifiche alla vendita all’assistenza.

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Sai già di cosa hai bisogno? Vorresti la comodità dell’acquisto e della spedizione online? Alcune categorie di prodotti Vertiv si possono acquistare tramite un reseller online.

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Hai bisogno di aiuto per scegliere un prodotto? Parla con un esperto di Vertiv altamente qualificato che ti orienterà verso la soluzione più adatta.

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The page you're viewing is for Italian (EMEA) region.

Vertiv Next Generation

Join the program that shapes the Next Generation

Looking for direction?

Make sure Vertiv Next Generation is on your radar. We are ONE global team that makes our connected world possible.

When finishing university or school, you step into uncharted territories. A whole world of work is in front of you and you have decisions to make. Where are you going to go next? Where do you want to be? What do you want to be?

Our Vertiv Next Generation Program is designed specifically for YOU! Final year students and fresh graduates (up to 2 years work experience). The incredible journey awaits for you at Vertiv, where you will be a valued member of the team, challenged and empowered to break boundaries, one by one.

Learning by doing!

We have a rotational program, a great opportunity for you to learn through 3 rotational assigments, but also internships, and many more programs in progress.

Reach out to one of our recruiters for the latest information about the Vertiv Next Generation Programs at 


For the latest job opportunities, including internships and other programs, please see:

Our job opportunities

Eager to know more? We’re on the same page.

Your curiosity and persistence send the right message. Good start.

Never stop learning

No matter the role you will be in, we want to help you develop skills and gain knowledge helpful to your journey within Vertiv.

Our programs incorporate job-specific training to enhance relevant skills and competencies. We offer you taylored trainings for you to have a full understanding on our products. Furthermore, we help you develop main competencies such as Time management, Manage Complexity, and Problem Solving, which will help you to be successful on your role. 


    We are always coming up with exciting initiatives to help grow the Vertiv Next Generations.


    Application Engineering - Rotational Program

    We have good news for you! As our company continues to grow, the need for great engineers is becoming bigger and bigger. Are you currently in your last year of studies or a recent graduate in Mechanical, Electrical, or IT-related Engineering, or perhaps a graduate with a Sales background and less than 2 years of experience?

    Your chance to elevate your career has arrived at Vertiv! We are actively seeking aspiring innovators to become part of our dynamic teams in various locations, on permanent roles.

    Our 18-month program ensures a well-rounded experience with three rotations across key functions. Every 6 months, you will explore a different part of the business. Upon program completion, you will have a job match based on your preference, skills, attitudes, and knowledge.

    We are looking forward to onbording you in May and September 2024!




    We run internships and apprenticeships to provide a variety of different routes to become the next generation of Vertiv. Our 6 months internship programs are designed to help young professionals have their first contact with their domain of interest.

    An internship is a learning program which will help students gain a better understanding of the department and the Vertiv company with the constant help from the team, a development plan and access to all the trainings, workshops and learning platforms within the company.

    Are you ready?

    Go beyond buzzwords and fancy corporate stories and start your career the right way. Join Vertiv and develop side by side with us!

    Make the first step to become part of Vertiv Next Generation

    Accelerate your career side by side with experienced people who will involve you in real work, not just play pretend. You can do that at any time, as we are constantly looking to bring in people that wish to develop side by side with us, with an always on recruitment process.

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