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The page you're viewing is for Italian (EMEA) region.

Perché il monitoraggio dei data center dovrebbe essere tra le tue priorità

IT and Facility Management Resources are Stretched Thin

Human capital is at a premium in the data center industry.  IT and Facility teams are stretched thin already, and organizations continue to move to digital first strategies.  

With new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and GPUs driving higher density compute, these teams will be tasked with deploying more infrastructure which will further complicate how they manage and monitor the infrastructure.

The typical data center environment consists of critical infrastructure from dozens of manufacturers, each with their own set of monitoring tools.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution for these highly complex data center environments, but IT and Facility Managers need 24/7 visibility into their infrastructure. 

In a 2022 survey from Uptime Institute, over 60% of data center network outages were linked to Power, Cooling, Fire Suppression, or Security. Robust monitoring of these critical systems is key in preventing data center downtime.

Simplifying Data Center Management with Vendor-Neutral Monitoring

As a data center and facility manager, you’re buying more equipment than ever, including critical powerthermal management, and rack and enclosure solutions.

In your race to meet business needs by setting up or expanding small and medium-sized data centers, you’re often sourcing equipment from multiple vendors, installing power and cooling to protect valuable compute equipment, and implementing lighting and security controls.

But are you considering data center monitoring and management software?

Whether your team is working onsite or remotely, you need to be able to monitor the health of your data center equipment in real-time, identifying issues proactively that could harm equipment, and in turn, the performance of your business.

You need a remote monitoring solution that your team can access anywhere, anytime to help manage and control data center operations across facilities and individual sites, down to the performance of a single piece of equipment.

Why Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert should be Your Data Center Monitoring Software of Choice

This web-based, easily configurable monitoring solution is designed to provide you with increased visibility into your data center operations, helping you maximize uptime and performance.

Moreover, you’ll benefit from enterprise-class capabilities for your small and medium-sized data center, at a price you can afford.

Here’s how a data center monitoring software like Environet Alert can help you accomplish critical business goals:

1. Work and collaborate anywhere

Log in securely from your location of choice to monitor your data center equipment, individually or as a team. Whether you’re adhering to stay-at-home orders or business protocols, working with a lean staff or monitoring unattended edge sites, you gain a holistic view of all your operations and the ability to manage them from a single pane of glass.

2. Connect all your equipment, regardless of manufacturer

No matter what manufacturer you select or how much equipment you purchase, Environet Alert can integrate and monitor it all. Avoid tedious manual work reviewing device health in person, collecting data and preparing reports. Get real-time, automated reporting you can use to share updates on all aspects of performance, including power, cooling, environmental conditions, racks, assets and more.

3. Understand your space and power capacity

Drill down to determine where space is available for new equipment or where devices reside. Use information to plan installations or defend arguments for new facility investments.

4. Manage your growing data center operations

Easily create new sites, add devices, build views and design dashboards that meet your needs. Scalable to your needs including network closets, server rooms, micro or containerized data centers, edge data centers, or standlone facilities, you can review performance within a single interface.

5. Get real-time information

Click on interactive views to get alert summaries or visualize device, room and site statuses in one glance. Streamline decision-making while removing the possibility of human error due to insufficient or misinterpreted data.

6. Get instant alerts

Fast action is key to addressing issues. Get alerts when equipment exceeds predefined thresholds, so that you can prevent performance issues and outages. Set automated paths for unacknowledged alerts to ensure they are resolved on a timely basis.

7. Improve operations

Use analytics to identify how much energy is being used, so that you can identify areas to optimize, reducing costs over time. Identify hotspots that should be addressed swiftly to avoid equipment harm or degradation.

8. Customize Dashboards & Generate Reports Quickly

Develop automated and custom reporting to prioritize the data that is most important to you. Whether you need to report on Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) status across sites or provide a top-to-bottom analysis of a site performance, Environet Alert makes it easy to generate reports, analyze trends and provide evidence of efficiency gains.

9. Meet critical service-level agreements

If you help run a data-driven, people-intensive business, you know that latency and outages are not an option. Visualize and report on data, identifying issues and trends. Proactively manage out equipment based on key criteria, such as age, lagging capabilities, or performance issues.

10. Train new staff easily

Intuitive graphic interface is easy to understand and train others on. New hires can use interactive views and cross-site navigation to monitor and manage all data center operations.

Monitor with Confidence

If you’re installing new equipment or setting up a small- or medium-sized data center, don’t wait for an issue to arise before you gain monitoring capabilities. As a web-based solution, Environet™ Alert can be instantly deployed and easily scaled, giving you confidence in your monitoring operations, scaling your staff’s time and talents, and meeting the demands of your digital business.

Learn more about Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert today.

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