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Providing Unmatched Protection and Reliability for Critical Equipment

We're at the age of Manufacturing 4.0 with Artifical Intelligence, Robots and 'smart' technologies are transforming the factory floor. Is your business ready?

What is happening?

Al takes Center Stage

To improve processes, manufacturers are increasingly eyeing investments in automation such as robotics and machine learning.

A key benefit in automation is that it reduces risks especially in industrial sites such as those using heavy machinery or those in dangerous operating environments.

A Leaner Supply Chain System

To stay above the competition, an organization’s supply chain needs to be optimized to deliver greater value to customers.

Aside from pricing and stock availability, manufacturers will increasingly focus on simplifying supply chain management to be able to operate more efficiently, manage stocks better and reduce operational cost.

Many will digitize their supply chains through the use of RFID, business intelligence, as well as tools to improve logistics, optimize network and inventory.

Predictive Maintenance Gains Traction

There is growing adoption of predictive maintenance technologies that could not only reduce a company’s maintenance cost, but also avert unplanned outages and extend equipment life.

The use of predictive maintenance tools could save manufacturers valuable time, money and resources.

Vertiv Core to Edge Solutions

Vertiv offers critical infrastructure technologies and rapidly-deployable customized solutions to meet specific business requirements and needs

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