Travailler avec un représentant du fabricant Vertiv permet de configurer des conceptions complexes en fonction de vos besoins uniques. Si vous êtes une organisation à la recherche de conseils techniques sur un projet d’envergure, Vertiv peut vous fournir le soutien dont vous avez besoin.

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De nombreux clients travaillent avec un partenaire revendeur Vertiv pour acheter des produits Vertiv destinés à leurs applications informatiques. Les partenaires disposent d’une formation et d’une expérience approfondies et sont particulièrement bien placés pour spécifier, vendre et assurer le soutien de solutions informatiques et d’infrastructure complètes avec les produits Vertiv.

Trouver un revendeur

Vous savez déjà ce dont vous avez besoin? Vous recherchez la commodité de l’achat en ligne et de l’expédition? Certaines catégories de produits Vertiv peuvent être achetées auprès d’un revendeur en ligne.

Trouver un revendeur en ligne

Besoin d’aide pour choisir un produit? Parlez à un spécialiste Vertiv hautement qualifié qui vous guidera vers la solution qui vous convient.

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Tools & Applications

Vertiv UPS Interactive Runtime Tools

Access an interactive graph providing detailed run time information for various load levels and extended runtime battery cabinets for the Liebert PSI5, Liebert GXT5, Liebert ITA2, Liebert EXS UPS systems.

rPDU Finder

Use the PDU Finder to locate the power strip you require based on a variety of configuration options. Start your search by selecting your country of origin.

IT Management and Rack PDU Product Selectors

The tools will help you select the right KVM, rack PDU, or small UPS for your requirements.

Liebert APS UPS Selector

Use the Liebert® APS UPS Selector to find the UPS required based on a variety of environmental conditions and configuration options.

UPS and Battery Upgrade Services Selector

Explore options to maintain Liebert GXT & PSI UPS. We’ll partner with you to ensure continuous power for support of vital business applications by finding the best solution for your needs — from DIY battery replacement to UPS replacement with full service protection.

Calculate Your Savings With Cooling Unit Retrofits

Are your cooling units wasting energy? You might be able to solve that with variable speed EC fans or drives. Take a minute to calculate the potential savings with upgraded Liebert technologies in your existing cooling systems.

SmartRow 360

The SmartRow DCR is a comprehensive self-contained, pre-engineered, highly efficient package that reduces the time, complexity, and cost associated with planning, deploying, and operating row-based installations. The SmartRow offering puts you in control. It features the industry's finest power, cooling and management technologies that can work in virtually any room – and it can be deployed in just weeks.

Channel Product Selector

Use the Vertiv Channel Selector tool to find the best Rack PDU, IT Management, or Single Phase UPS solution to meet your needs

Free Cooling Economizer Calculator

The Liebert DSE free cooling system is a breakthrough technology that reduces both energy and water consumption. It is the first pumped refrigerant economization system for data centers, providing free cooling throughout much of the year in many locations. Using the Free Cooling Economization Calculator, you can see how much economization is estimated based on geographic location, loads and other operating parameters. These calculations are estimates and should not be construed as results you would achieve in an actual installation.

SwitchAir Finder: Keep Network Switches Cool

Use the SwitchAir Finder to locate the Vertiv Geist SwitchAir that you require based on a variety of configuration options. Suggested devices for individual switches are based on combinations of manufacturer specifications, end user recommendations, CFD modeling and customer requests.

Tour the Liebert DSE Free-Cooling System, 250kW

The Liebert DSE DA250, 250kW is the industry's first pumped refrigerant economization system designed specifically for free cooling in data centers and it uses no water. Learn now it operates in this interactive walkthrough.

Liebert EXL S1 360 Interactive Experience

The Liebert EXL S1 UPS interactive tool allows users to visualize and explore key features and benefits of this innovative UPS. You can see inside the cabinets, understand how it addresses optional features and spin it 360 degrees. Expore it now

Tour the Liebert DSE 400kW Free-Cooling Solution

Colocation, cloud hosting and large enterprise data centers are turning to larger capacity cooling units that can easily scale, be quickly deployed and offer high efficiency and low peak power. The Liebert DSE 400kW packaged solution is the world’s largest capacity, pumped refrigerant free-cooling system, providing highly efficient and reliable water-free cooling for data centers. Available for building perimeter or rooftop installations, the packaged unit provides a very competitive total cost of ownership.

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