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De nombreux clients travaillent avec un partenaire revendeur Vertiv pour acheter des produits Vertiv destinés à leurs applications informatiques. Les partenaires disposent d’une formation et d’une expérience approfondies et sont particulièrement bien placés pour spécifier, vendre et assurer le soutien de solutions informatiques et d’infrastructure complètes avec les produits Vertiv.

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Expert turnkey services & maintenance

As heat surges in high-performance computing environments, the need for liquid cooling technologies in modern IT thermal management becomes critical. Liquid cooling solutions enable smooth operation under high-density computing loads. However, implementing liquid cooling solutions successfully requires maintaining optimal computing infrastructure, preventing downtime, and maximizing efficiencies.

Comprehensive approach

Liquid Cooling Services at Vertiv offer crucial support to tackle these challenges effectively. Our portfolio encompasses design, installation, and maintenance services, facilitating operational efficiency and enhanced system availability. This full-service approach also ensures compliance with global efficiency standards.

Liquid cooling services offering

Transition design

Vertiv offers a comprehensive Turnkey service, including site assessment, modeling, and solution design. Our thermal experts specialize in upgrading your infrastructure for AI-readiness, ensuring a seamless transition and enhanced operation.

Project to Turn-over

Navigate your project's lifecycle with ease. From commissioning levels L1 to L5, our project managers are with you at every step for a successful liquid cooling system implementation.

Business continuity

We prioritize the smooth operation of your AI and IT systems by providing preventive and corrective maintenance, routine site inspections, dedicated response Service Level Agreement (SLA), and spare parts availability.

Fluid management

Keep your cooling systems operating at their best with our Fluid Management Services. We offer coolant sampling, quality testing, adjustments, and environmentally friendly disposal, collaborating with top coolant suppliers for peak performance.

Digital management

Stay ahead with Vertiv's comprehensive management solutions. Get remote troubleshooting, condition-based maintenance, and asset management with full transparency and dedicated expertise from our service engineers.

Training and education

Vertiv's world-class training opportunities are designed to ensure your staff maximizes the potential of your investment. Our hands-on courses facilitate compliance with environmental regulations, enhance processes, and maintain operational safety.

Vertiv™ QuickStart operator training

Engage in comprehensive on-site operator training for a strong start after initial equipment setup. Minimize the risk of operator error through our certified engineers' guidance.

Project Services - A specific approach to liquid cooling

Rely on our extensive infrastructure expertise and a full suite of professional services for your liquid cooling project. With Vertiv, you have a single contact for planning, design, execution, and final system approval. Our global reach allows us to deliver consistent project service procedures and scopes of work tailored to your exact needs, no matter your location.

US and Canada

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Caribbean and Latin American

Asia Pacific

Levels of project execution

Proactive maintenance and emergency services

Our proactive equipment maintenance services are designed to minimize downtime, extend equipment life, and maximize investment returns, supporting increased system availability for all applications.

Professional installation

Leverage our global expertise in electrical and mechanical installations with best practices employed through our network of experienced and licensed contractors across multiple countries.

Special fluid managent service

Vertiv's fluid management service is tailored to coolant needs in Vertiv units, delivering contamination removal, air purging, and quality assurance for your liquid cooling system's performance.

Customized service agreements

Vertiv customizes service agreements to fit your unique business requirements, guaranteeing precise and professional handling of your liquid cooling deployment. Take a look at our Global Contracts Portfolio to see how we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Global Service Portfolio

PM Contract Basic Essential/Preferred Premier
Performed by Vertiv Certified Technicians

Unit Management

Guaranteed Emergency Response Time
Access to Customer Resolution Center
Preventive Maintenance Service Visits
Labor and Travel Coverage
Parts Coverage
Secondary Circuit Fluid Sampling

Fluid Management

Secondary Circuit Fluid Analysis*
Secondary Circuit Fluid Remediation
Secondary Circuit Initial Fill
Secondary Circuit Flush and Fill

*Inclusion of fluid analysis and remediation is predicated upon the use of DOWFROST LC25. If another manufacturer fluid is being used, pricing and offering will need be evaluated

These items are included at this level of service coverage

These items are not included at this level of service coverage, and they will be quoted on time and material basis

These items are available to be quoted on Time and Material basis

Getting started with liquid cooling services


Support the design of the liquid cooling solution.

Verify liquid cooling design efficiency and feasibility with Digital Twin models and expert guidance.


Test, train, and handover.

Performing all necessary testing and training, ensuring an effective handover to the customer team.


Validate installation and ensure a smooth start-up.

Our priority lies in thorough validation to guarantee a seamless start-up process.


Begin lifecycle maintenance services.

We offer ongoing services to maintain operational continuity.


Q: Who installs and maintains Vertiv equipment?

  • A: Expert technicians are responsible for installation and proactive maintenance and are backed by an expansive network of licensed contractors for optimal service delivery.

Q: How flexible are Vertiv's Service Level Agreements?

  • A: Vertiv provides customizable agreements, ranging from 12 months to a proactive 5-year plan, meeting diverse customer requirements.

Q: What types of coolant does Vertiv use?

  • A: Vertiv partners with industry leaders such as NVIDIA, Intel, and Dell to determine the most effective coolant. Additionally, Vertiv collaborates with Dow Chemical, Jeff Cool and Recochem, to provide top-tier cooling solutions.

Q: Where can Vertiv liquid cooling solutions be deployed?

  • A: Vertiv's global footprint allows for deployment in various environments, catering to a wide spectrum of cooling needs.

Q: Does Vertiv provide monitoring for leak detection?

  • A: Leak detection is an integral part of our product offerings, and Vertiv is dedicated to developing advanced algorithms and ensuring optimal coolant levels, which is vital for the longevity and reliability of equipment.

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Why Vertiv?

Vertiv’s deep infrastructure expertise is amplified by our use of data and our cradle-to-grave services, giving our customers insight into technology and operating trends and the confidence to effectively manage risk, reduce costs, increase utilization and make better decisions.

Industry and technology insight Image
Industry and technology insight

Vertiv service capabilities are based on deep industry and infrastructure expertise amplified by years of equipment performance data. It’s this combination that delivers insight into operating trends making effective risk management and equipment optimization possible.

A flexible and scalable partner Image
A flexible and scalable partner

Vertiv partners with critical facility operators to design innovative service programs that meet objectives and budgets. From managing an entire facility build to maintaining equipment in small, remote locations, we provide scalable solutions for ever critical infrastructure challenge.

Global reach, local support Image
Global reach, local support

A truly global organization, we provide consistent service delivery for critical facilities in all regions of the world with service provided by knowledgeable, local specialists. We provide full support for your critical infrastructure when and where you need us.

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