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Geist Watchdog 15(P) / 100(P) Firmware Downloads

Firmware downloads are .ZIP files which must be extracted before use.

Version Release Date Notes Software Download
v3.4.0 March 5, 2019 Change Log WD100 (P)
WD15 (P)

We are pleased to announce firmware version 3.4.0 for Watchdog 15 and Watchdog 100 Monitors. This firmware release includes bug fixes, enhancements, and security updates.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Device Director discovery performance
  • Fixed RSTP scalability when using unmanaged network switches and looped RSTP connections
  • Fixed internal device communications retry management
  • Fixed SNMPv3 trap credential management
  • Fixed SNMP reporting during system start-up
  • Fixed SNMP interface group instance number
  • Fixed SNMP OIDs ifMtu and ifSpeed which are now reported correctly
  • Fixed GT3HD sensor which now continues to log readings when partially available
  • Fixed syslog Fahrenheit alarm temperatures which are now displayed correctly
  • Fixed A2D 4-20mA sensor "partially unavailable" status when current falls below 4mA
  • Fixed DHCP back-off timing


  • Added SNMP MIB enhancements
  • Added ability to disable RSTP
  • Added ability to view the network link state
  • Added device admin information to alarm emails
  • Added binary value custom labels to alarm emails
  • Added improved device identification to alarm emails
  • Added a SHA-256 self-signed certificate
  • Added increased login token length
  • Added Vertiv branding


  • Removed camera integration.


  • Migration to v3.4.0 is available only for products running v3.0.0 or newer. For products running older firmware, please contact Vertiv Geist Technical Support for upgrade assistance.
  • Once you update firmware to v3.4.0, you may not downgrade to a previous version firmware. Please contact for any additional questions.
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