Vertiv Intelligence

Vertiv Intelligence

See the Big Picture

Do more than manage your critical infrastructure - make it work smarter in an intelligent ecosystem.

Vertiv Intelligence is an open ecosystem of sensors, devices and software that enables facilities to increase uptime, reduce costs and make informed decisions. This connected environment helps turn complex data into actionable knowledge for your organization. Leverage Vertiv expertise and artificial intelligence to teach your infrastructure how to operate more efficiently and optimize your data center. Manage the full product lifecycle within a network of open technologies that simplify the details of operations.

What is Vertiv Intelligence?

Utilizing a stream of connected information, Vertiv Intelligence transforms how customers manage their critical infrastructure and IT operations. Assure your data center can meet the IoT demands and support business growth with secure and flexible management systems.

With Vertiv Intelligence you can:

  • Easily connect to remote locations and closets
  • Be notified of performance data, status, alerts and alarms
  • Leverage intelligent infrastructure at the device level
  • Access advanced knowledge for predictive analytics and proactive alerts
  • Track and manage all service engagements
  • Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform operations from current state to future state

IT Demand is Exploding and Spread to the Edge

Organizations need to:

  • Make the most of the hardware investment
  • More easily deploy and manage the lifecycle of devices
  • Manage disparate and unmanned locations
  • Make informed decisions

Vertiv Intelligence brings all your complex infrastructure and devices in all your various locations into a single ecosystem.

You can:

  • Improve efficiency of critical infrastructure
  • Prevent service disruption
  • Decrease resolution time when events occur
  • Support innovation and flexibility in your IT organization
  • Enable business growth
  • Transform operations with data-driven insights

Creating a more intelligent ecosystem of things

Deploy and manage Vertiv devices with simplified intelligence through a network of connected technologies. Save time and cost through key features:

  • Automated deployment methods
  • Smart IOT connected devices
  • Open APIs
  • Industry standard protocol support for connection to 3rd party systems
  • Real-time optimization and automation
  • Monitoring and alerts
  • Direct connection to service experts

Create an ecosystem consisting of fully integrated hardware and software

In each layer of the ecosystem, gain additional value and insight through

  • Devices that communicate with one another for optimization
  • Simple aggregation and data liberation
  • Stronger root cause analysis and alerts
  • Combined metrics across the enterprise
  • Increased visibility of the ecosystem
  • Open APIs for simplified data integration

Vertiv is leading the digital transformation by merging technologies and best practices.

Our approach leverages:

  • Enterprise grade microservices and container architecture
  • Agile and DevOps continuous delivery model for rapid feature deployment
  • Open frameworks for simplistic data liberation and integration
  • Scalable architecture that fits small to hyperscale deployments
  • Advanced intelligence and analytics technologies
  • Flexible options for cloud connectivity
  • Continuous internal and external security testing

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