Working with our Vertiv Sales team enables complex designs to be configured to your unique needs. If you are an organization seeking technical guidance on a large project, Vertiv can provide the support you require.

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Many customers work with a Vertiv reseller partner to buy Vertiv products for their IT applications. Partners have extensive training and experience, and are uniquely positioned to specify, sell and support entire IT and infrastructure solutions with Vertiv products.

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Custom Rack Power Distribution Units

With the widest variety of rack PDUs (rPDUs) and customization options available, Vertiv™ Geist® is the leader in data center power distribution. From basic units to advanced intelligent units, Vertiv offers power solutions for all applications.

Factory-configured or a new rack PDU design to meet unique end-user requirements

Vertiv enables users to design their own solution custom-tailored for their application. Our dedicated on-site engineering, reliability, conformance, compliance, and sales support teams provide customers with direct access to participate in designing and manufacturing unique rPDU configurations to meet their requirements. Each unit is built and approved in our labs before being released to production.

The Vertiv on-site metal fabrication and painting facility streamlines custom designs and color options, reducing the time from design to delivery of engineered-to-order products.


Fastest Lead Time

Vertiv boasts industry best lead-times backed by on-site lean manufacturing, in-house engineering, and a UL certified lab enabling custom tailored solutions to be delivered quickly and easily to meet specialized or urgent customer needs.

On-Site UL Certified Lab

The on-site UL Lab enables rapid testing of new products and designs, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with obtaining compliance and agency approvals.



  • Basic to intelligent options available
  • 1000+ standard SKUs Built-to-Order with industry-leading lead times
  • North American and global configurations
  • Cord length and chassis color changes
  • 3 weeks to 4 weeks lead time on most configuration and wiring needs
  • Dedicated product specialists, engineering, and compliance team
Global Availability with Regional Manufacturing

All rack PDUs shipped within the Americas are manufactured in Lincoln, Nebraska. A second manufacturing plant in Taunton, UK services the EMEA market, and a third manufacturing plant in Jiangmen, China supplies the APAC market, ensuring prompt delivery worldwide.

High Quality Standards with 100% Testing

100% testing ensures every rPDU manufactured by Vertiv functions as
designed prior to shipment.

Unbeatable Reliability

Vertiv™ Geist® intelligent rPDUs pass a rigorous battery of independent
accuracy testing. The tests ensure users that Vertiv™ rPDUs measure within
1 percent accuracy of power readings and within 1 percent of the voltage,
frequency and temperature readings.

Cost Competitive

Lean manufacturing processes enable locally made products to be competitively priced globally.

Factory direct customer support

A dedicated sales support team is on-site in region to answer any customer
related questions and coordinate special requests with the engineering and
compliance teams.

Vertiv’s product architecture allows users to tailor power distribution units to their exact needs. Simple factory options like cord length, plug type, outlet type, color, and colored chassis eliminate the need for field modifications. Vertiv™ offers thousands of factory-configurable rPDUs with industry-leading lead times.


Factory Configurable Family Types
Basic, Metered, Monitored, Switched, UPDU


Power Configuration
Single and Three Phase

10A-63A, custom capabilities >63A

Mount Style
Vertical (Zero U) and Horizontal (1U, 2U, 3U)

Chassis Color Options


Input Cord Length Modification
As specified


Outlet Capacity, Type, and Color
Up to 48 outlets

  • U-Lock C13, U-Lock C19
  • P-Lock Combination Outlet C13/C19
  • Region-specific Outlets



Outlets are color-coded corresponding to each feed and sub-circuit to help ensure load balancing is easily achieved.

Plug Types
A wide range of NEMA, IEC, Clipsal, and other global plug types available including Straight-Blade, Twist-Lock, and Pin-and-Sleeve plugs.

Engineer-to-Order Options

Vertiv™ offers customers the opportunity to co-engineer a solution tailored to their needs whether that’s modifying an existing product or developing a new product altogether in record time.


Rack PDU Engineered to Your Specification

  • Dedicated engineering team to assist from design to delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Optimized lead times
  • Global availability

How to Request:

Step 1: Search a rack PDU using the rPDU Finder

Step 2: If you are unable to find what you need, contact with your requirements or contact your local Vertiv representative to design and configure your rack PDU.

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