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Trellis™ Platform Capacity Planning Solution

The Trellis™ Capacity Planning Solution provides software and services in a complete package, - With this solution you can determine if existing hardware is meeting the company’s current needs, and provide a projection for future requirements.

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Vertiv - Technical Support for IT Management & Software (Trellis & Avocent products)
Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Alabama USA
Product areas of focus: Software, Desktop KVM and KM, IP KVM, Secure KVM, Serial Consoles and Gateways
Vertiv Software Support (Environet and Power Assist)
Ohio USA
Product areas of focus: Software

Frequently Asked Questions

What problem does the Capacity Planning Quick Start Solution solve?
With the Capacity Planning Offering, you can track device details such as faceplate values and location, model actual floor layout, locate the ideal placement for devices, create future spaces for devices to be deployed, build and manage deployment plans in the future, plan for future physical device location and create detailed capacity reports.
What is included in the Capacity Planning Solution?
The Capacity Planning Solution comes with: Trellis Inventory Manager and Capacity Planning software for up to 25 floor mounted devices (FMDs), Trellis Mobile application which includes 1 iPad and iPad cover, (1) Bluetooth Scanner, Trellis Maintenance - 1 year Silver, Professional Services and training for 1 person
What is the expected amount of time to have this solution implemented in my data center?
While every situation is different, the goal is for a customer to be up and running in less than two weeks.
How are these offerings priced?
Each of these offerings is priced according to the number of floor mounted devices (FMDs), necessary hardware and software, Professional Services, training, and 1 year Silver maintenance.

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