Vertiv™ E&I UL Medium Voltage Switchgear

Vertiv E+I Engineering’s unique withdrawable 15Kv MV switchgear range is an indoor air insulated switchgear for medium voltage power distribution. Modular construction allows the Vertiv E+I’s team of engineers to customize each medium voltage solution based on individual project specification.

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The compact and modular design ensures the systems are fully extendable and customizable for increased project flexibility
Comprehensive mechanical and electrical interlocks increase safety and prevent maloperation
All cables and control panels fully accessible for ease of use
Circuit breaker can be removed for maintenance to prevent an increase of resistance due to loose or faulty circuit breaker connections
Incorporation of protection relays from all major suppliers including Micom, Fanox, Argus, Sepam and SEG


 Available in 1200A – 2000A
Withdrawable units
ABB VM1 or VD4 circuit breaker
Indoor NEMA 1 rating
Integration of internal arc prevention technologies
Vacuum Technology for safe, compact, and reliable performance
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