Ensure network availability and business continuity with secure, uninterruptible power supply systems designed for your critical applications.

What Are the Different Types of UPS Systems?

Fear of a power interruption represents a source of anxiety for many organizations. A consistent power supply ensures a business can retain valuable data and information.

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Three-Phase Power: What It Is and the Benefits It Brings

Discover why it’s critical to choose UPS batteries wisely, understand their limitations, and implement an appropriate battery maintenance program.

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What is a Rack UPS?

A rack uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is designed for use within standard 19-inch IT racks or rack-based enclosures.

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What are UPS batteries and why are they so critical?

Learn why 3-phase AC power delivers more power at lower cost vs. single-phase, making it a wise choice for applications from data centers to network closets, IDF/MDF rooms and edge facilities.

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What Is PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and What Does It Measure?

Learn more about PUE and why it matters to data centers

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How to Select a UPS for Power Backup

Choosing the right UPS power supply for your application depends on a number of different factors. Discover how Vertiv can help simplify your UPS system choice.

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How Do You Select a UPS for Power Backup?

The uninterrupted power supply (UPS) system is critical for reliable backup power infrastructure. Selecting a UPS for your power backup application requires an examination of a number of factors.

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UPS Failures Continue to be the Top Cause of Data Center Downtime

Discover why strong power transfer switches and enhanced power system monitoring capabilities are a must for the uninterruptible power supplies to fulfill their mission.

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Searching for an Inline UPS?

Choosing Inline UPS may be a daunting task, and one might end up purchasing the less suitable one. Here's a guide to finding the best model for you.

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What Is a UPS?

Learn more about UPS units and how UPS can help keep businesses up and running

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