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Protect your valuable data center equipment while standardizing infrastructure deployments to bring critical operations online faster.

What Is a Server Rack?

A server rack houses and organizes and secures IT systems. Also known as a server cabinet or server enclosure, the server rack dimensions are highly customizable within the common 19-inch server rack size.

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How Do You Select an IT Rack?

IT racks play a key part in data center availability and reliability. An IT rack can enhance the efficiency of the equipment and the productivity of the data center personnel.

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Rack temperature monitoring: The secret to comfortable data center equipment

Servers certainly have some ventilation and self-cooling capabilities, but we would hardly call them warm-blooded.

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Server Rack Sizes Matter: Get These 3 Critical Rack Server Dimensions Right

Discover why server rack sizes matter and what are the three critical dimensions that you should be getting right to properly plan a data center

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How to Choose the Best Server Racks

Learn more about the types of server racks for different facility requirements

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Not All 19-Inch Racks Are Created Equal

When it comes to 19-inch server racks, the term “standard” can be a little misleading. Yes, a 19-inch rack is an industry standard, as defined by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA).

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