The Emergence of Lithium Ion Batteries within the Data Center

March 29, 2017

Critical facility professionals have expressed concerns with their energy storage alternatives.

Traditional lead-acid batteries teamed up with uninterruptible power systems have been the ‘go to’ source for providing brief ride-through time. Many operators have witnessed the drawbacks to the lead-acid solution at one point or another.

Vertiv has long been a leader in powering data centers with uninterruptible power systems, power distribution units, transfer switches and expert service. Since 1981 we have been monitoring, managing and servicing batteries as part of our power portfolio. It’s our goal to use that vantage point and to share knowledge on important energy storage solutions such as batteries and how they behave.

One alternative is to utilize lithium ion batteries. This paper examines that option and shares a real-world perspective to help data center designers decide if this technology is viable within their data center

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