Evaluating the Potential of Fuel Cells for Data Center Power

October 11, 2022

Capacity growth has become a constant challenge for the data center industry and that growth threatens to drive up greenhouse gas emission, contributing to climate change. But there is opportunity within many facilities to reduce emissions.

As a data center operator, you can take the essential step of increasing efficiency and equipment utilization, but that doesn’t get you to your carbon-neutral goals. To offset dependence on carbon-based fuels, many operators are relying on power purchase agreements and renewable energy credits, but with signs of changes to come.

The long-term solution many operators are seeking is to power data centers directly with clean energy. However, the utility grids in most regions are unlikely to be able to provide 100% renewable power to all customers for the foreseeable future.

The onus is on you to work with your partners to develop solutions like the integration of fuel cells that can enable carbon-free operation.

Read our white paper for more on:

  • Types of fuel cells and their potential use in data center applications
  • Advances in fuel cell technology
  • The architecture needed for a fuel cell-powered data center
  • Feasibility of using fuel cells for data center backup power

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