Defense Against BMC Cyberattacks And Unauthorized Access

Firmware Solutions For Servers, Network, Storage And Iot

September 24, 2019

Firmware Solutions For Servers, Network, Storage And Iot

Avocent® Core Insight Cyberhardening

An industry-first technology that thwarts the threat of Cyberattacks.

  • Integrates RunSafe Security’s Alkemist, a patented cyberhardening process that protects our code against memory corruption errors and buffer overflow exploits - the techniques attackers typically use to gain control of embedded systems and devices
  • Transforms Avocent® Core Insight Binary code at boot time using Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques

Avocent® Security Manager

Strong user Access and Control is mandatory to securing IT assets. Avocent® Security Manager (ASM) is a security application that delivers Operating System independent role-based user management, password policy implementation and enforcement (like California SB-327), support for directory services like LDAP, and the Certificate Manager feature.

  • Implements a Linux-independent user database and user management, compatible with IPMI and Redfish
  • Manages extended password policies like strength, expiration, first-time forced password change
  • Includes Privileged Access Management (PAM) module to hook into existing software infrastructure smoothly
  • Provides tools for certificate management in the firmware used to create, manage and store user certificates, import trusted certificates, generate and store SSH key pairs
  • Built in support for Trusted Platform Manager (TPM) on select ASICs. With the TPM module, manufactures can securely store cryptographic keys used to validate firmware at boot time, authenticate users, for example
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