The Data Center Dynamics 2021 Edge Supplement: Fresh Thinking for a New Frontier

April 30, 2021

As many consider the Edge a frontier territory in which critical digital infrastructure supports localized applications with low-latency processing, it isn’t necessarily the IT wilderness you might imagine.

While the Edge gives us much to ponder, it is not beyond our limit of knowledge. Fresh thinking doesn’t mean abandoning what we already know about traditional approaches to data center spaces. In fact, we can draw on this knowledge to better meet the new demand on this planet and beyond.

In this special Edge supplement, we look at:

  • Decoding the Edge for faster, cost-effective infrastructure deployment

  • Customizing Edge computing systems for the health sector

  • Understanding the differing hardware requirements of Edge and cloud applications

  • Benefitting from OpenRan when connecting Edge applications to 5G networks

  • Relying on trusted technology during Mars exploration and what it teaches infrastructure builders about the limits of Edge technology

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