More than a third of U.S. data center managers are using colocation for cloud services, a growing opportunity for colocation providers to meet customer needs and differentiate their services.

IT capacity is being deployed in many ways, with deployments becoming increasingly diverse and complex.Colocation providers must build and scale to support a variety of deployments.

Vertiv conducted an online survey of 226 U.S. enterprise data center managers regarding their use of colocation services and their future needs for services. Respondents indicated that future IT application deployments will become more diverse and complex and that they seek colocation providers that can quickly scale capacity when needed, provide edge connectivity and offer price transparency.

  • 65% of respondents said that their organizations are using colocation data centers or will use them over the next two years

  • 57% will increase their use of colocation in the next 12 months

  • 64% of colocation users have been using these services for less than five years

  • Improving capacity scalability is the number one reason customers move to colocation, followed by edge connectivity

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