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A Closer Look at The Trends in Constructing the Modern Data Center

A Balancing Act: Capacity Expansion, Sustainability, and Business Value

As the adoption of AI continues to surge, the demand for data consumption skyrockets, raising a crucial question: How can the industry effectively scale its infrastructure to meet these growing needs? Additionally, the data center industry faces the challenge of balancing expanding capacity for digital transformations while prioritizing sustainability and driving business value.

Insights from the Field: Data Center Construction Trends

In collaboration with Data Center Dynamics (DCD), we gathered insights from data center professionals globally to understand their experiences and perspectives on data center construction.

The findings of our survey, "Data Center Construction Trends," point towards an optimistic future for modern data center design and construction, albeit with concerns about construction delays, power inadequacies, and a widening skill and workforce gap.

Solutions in Focus: Future-Proofing Infrastructure

The challenges are clear, and so are the solutions. Our report, "Rethinking Modern Data Center Design and Construction Trends," provides actionable recommendations to address these issues. This forward-thinking guide prepares businesses and suppliers alike to modernize their infrastructure, seamlessly integrate, and future-proof their facilities despite advancing technologies.

Key Insights in 5 Points: Navigating Data Center Challenges

  1. Supply Chain Struggles: The aftermath of the pandemic and global disruptions strained suppliers, leading to delays in data center construction. Unavailable suppliers and traditional build limitations were primary culprits.

  2. Regulatory Impact: Upcoming AI and environmental mandates compounded construction delays, increasing both capital and operational costs. Compliance with evolving regulations added complexity to the construction process.

  3. Power Prioritization: Power considerations emerged as critical throughout construction. From site selection to sustainability, maintaining stable energy provision was a top concern for data center professionals.

  4. Workforce Gap Challenge: A persistent skills and workforce gap in the industry requires long-term planning and investments. Uneven distribution and availability of skilled professionals pose challenges for organizations.

  5. Future-Ready Strategies: The report advocates for continuous planning, collaboration, and technology integration from the outset. Leveraging AI and machine learning, adapting to emerging technologies, and optimizing predictability are key strategies for constructing future-ready data centers.


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