Getting Accurate and Fast Visibility into Remote Sites

An Infrastructure Engineer’s Experience with Vertiv™ Intelligence

A Vertiv Intelligence Success Story

As an Infrastructure Engineer one of my responsibilities is to have visibility to all locations that house devices.

My Top Concern and Challenges: I am primarily concerned with overall status of my remote locations. We don’t have staff located at all our locations. We have challenges with receiving alarms and warnings for events as they happen. Because of that challenge, we could have devices down and not know about it for 20-30 minutes. The delay in notification adds a lot of stress to my day-to-day, especially when we have to scramble to send out someone to respond to an event.

What I Need: I just want to trust the status of my edge environment, so I can act quickly and efficiently if problems arise.

What Happened: Recently, I started monitoring devices with Vertiv Intelligence which allows me to see a simple status of all my remote locations and quickly understand where there might be problems. I am confident I can resolve the problems quickly and reduce business disruption. I can do more with less resources because I trust the data I received from my remote locations.

  • The location status enables me to focus on locations with issues.
  • The device status allows me to drill down into devices and examine the detailed information to resolve the issue.

What used to take 30 minutes to alert us of an issue and then respond happens in an instant. As a result, we can get ahead of problems before they become business interruptions. We are no longer losing revenue and customer satisfaction because we can’t perform the services. I feel excited to be on top of our environment.

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What used to take 30 minutes to alert us of an issue and then respond happens in an instant.

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