Electric Utilities Simplify Battery Management and Regulatory Compliance With Alber Solution

January 26, 2022


As is the case for all electric utility companies, reliability is not just paramount, it is required. Therefore, multiple utilities serving millions of customers had installed hundreds of 120-volt and 48-volt DC battery systems in their substations as emergency backup power for switchgear in the case of AC power loss. Company executives needed enhanced battery monitoring and management that would make the reporting needed for regulatory compliance easier and morecost-effective.


  • Drastic reduction of on-site substation battery testing
  • Far more accurate North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) PRC-005 compliance reporting
  • Lower risk of regulatory fines and negative public scrutiny
  • Ongoing insight to system health for enhanced substation maintenance and improved availability


Case Summary


United States

Critical Need:

Reduce the complexity and cost of achieving regulatory compliance within the substation network.

Vertiv Solution:

  • Vertiv™ Alber™ Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor (UXIME) for batteries

  • Vertiv™ Alber™ ELS2 electrolyte level sensors


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