The German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ), located in the centre of Hamburg, is renowned by climatologists from around the world.

Here, a team of nearly 80 employees combines technical expertise and special high performance computers to perform complex climate simulations for research purposes. As these simulations require significant computing and data storage capacities, DKRZ has been continuously improving its computing power in order to stay abreast in an evolving and competitive industry. With the installation of a new high performance computing system, Mistral, in summer 2015, DKRZ has seen performance increase twentyfold, at a lower power consumption. The investment into increased computing power and storage capacity has helped to make DKRZ one of the world’s elite computing centres for climate research.

Case Summary

Hamburg, Germany

Critical Need:

DKRZ was faced with the challenge of upgrading its computing power in an efficient way to ensure reliable and failure-free operations for its new mainframe computer, Mistral. The computer’s energy consumption constantly changes, and can deviate up to 50 percent within fractions of a second. As a result, it was necessary to equip the existing computing centre with a completely new infrastructure, including an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capable of bridging temporary current fluctuations with ease.

Vertiv Solution:

The Liebert Trinergy Cube configuration at DKRZ is particularly unique. By interconnecting a total of six 400 kVA modules, a single UPS system provides 2400 kVA of power. However, this is only one example of numerous technical advantages which the Liebert Trinergy Cube provides

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