Decreasing Problem to Resolution Time

A Hospital IT Director’s Experience with Vertiv™ Intelligence

A Vertiv Intelligence Success Story

As a Hospital IT Director, one of my primary responsibilities is to decrease problem to response time with my critical devices.

My Top Concern: I am primarily concerned with making sure that nothing interferes with patient care. Every day I need to make sure all our patient support systems have power and connectivity, which is crucial for collecting patient data.

Because of that, we must be on top of anything that interrupts connectivity to end devices affecting patient care such as our nursing carts.

What I Need: I need to know the status of all our systems and where problems are occurring. If I don’t know this then my team ends up spending hours, or even days, chasing down the wrong issue. For four years, this has been my reality.

  1. We need to have a good snapshot of the status of our system.
  2. We would like to know all our systems are operating.

What Happened: Until finally one day we had a connectivity issue and needed to troubleshoot all our systems, so we could diagnose cause. We used Vertiv Intelligence to gather data and analyze trends with our UPS capacity.

This uncovered the problem. Our UPSs were operating too close to capacity and causing issues with connectivity due to lack of sufficient power. Ever since that day we feel confident we can efficiently troubleshoot and diagnose problems quickly to resolve them in a timely manner.

  • The Vertiv Intelligence Mobile Application enables me to see trends and give insight to analyzing the data.
  • The Vertiv Intelligence Portal allows my team to view all carts status on a monitor in our NOC.
  • Alarm and warning notifications from Vertiv Intelligence enables us to act before something becomes a problem.

As a result, we believe that our IT devices can now be proactive in telling us what needs to be done to keep everything running smooth. What used to sneak up on us and create emergencies has now given us breathing room to resolve issues through quick diagnosis. I feel we can respond to issues before they become critical.

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I feel we can respond to issues before they become critical.

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