BT Exact Oversees Data Center Operations with Avocent Solutions from Vertiv


When it established the data center, BT decided to implement an Avocent® keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solution from Vertiv that would provide them with a more centralized way of controlling and monitoring all of the servers in the data center. KVM technology allows BT to not only oversee the continuous operations of servers in the data center but also to immediately identify any servers that experience problems.


  • The implementation of Avocent technology allows BT to offers customers individual access to their servers from a monitoring workstation in the Network Operations Centre (NOC), a secure room away from the data center floor.
  • Avocent technology, and the DSView software in particular, has significantly improved server support.
  • Avocent DSView™ software, used to administer the system, enables the Server Services team to view activity on all servers connected to the KVM devices.
  • BT uses the Avocent DSR™2161 KVM over IP switching solution to control, monitor and provide support for over 400 servers at its Cardiff site.


Case Summary

Cardiff, Wales

Critical Need: To oversee the continuous operations of all servers in the data center, immediately identify any servers that experience problems and provide a way that servers can be maintained from almost any remote location without the administrator ever needing to enter the data center.
Vertiv Solution:
  • Avocent KVM Appliances
  • Avocent DSView 3 Management Software for Data Center and Power Management
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