5NINES Protects Customer Data With Reliable Power Distribution Solutions

August 17, 2022


Cloud providers need to act fast in scaling computing capacity, especially considering that one of the world’s leading researchers of the global cyber economy is predicting that 100 zettabytes, or half of the world’s data, will be stored in the cloud by 2025. It’s this type of accelerating demand for data that led one hyperscale cloud computing provider to add 60 megawatts (MW) of capacity at its Dublin, Ireland, location via a modular data center that included low-voltage (LV) switch rooms complete with busbar containment, uninterruptible power supply, static transfer switch, communication equipment, and power distribution infrastructure.


  • Day-one power distribution system deployed within the four-month timeline
  • Low-voltage switchgear design reduced the footprint of the board
  • Hot-swappable tap off boxes delivered flexibility with availability
  • Integrated metering enabled better visibility and control for accurate billing


Case Summary

Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Critical Need:

In a tight space, deploy a reliable and flexible power distribution network to enable efficient, tailored services for tenants and integrate metering for more accurate billing and capacity management

Vertiv Solution:
  • Vertiv™ Cast Resin Powerbar
  • Vertiv™ High Powerbar
  • Vertiv™ Powerbar iMPB


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