Why only the ‘fittest’ players will thrive in today’s digital landscape

Gary Niederpruem •

The word ‘fit’ gets bandied around a lot these days not only in our increasingly health-conscious, but also in our highly competitive, tech-driven world. A lot of people equate being ‘fit’ with physical strength, but its meaning is more nuanced. Take the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’. Fitness in this context could be better interpreted to mean how well you ‘fit’ into your environment.

It’s great to see that Vertiv’s efforts to make itself a better ‘fit’ for the dynamic digital landscape that we, our customers and partners now inhabit - is paying off. 451 Research recently released a report, Datacenter equipment maker Vertiv discovers its mojo as a stand-alone company, that summarises the industry analysts’ take on how Vertiv has evolved over the recent past to become a leaner, more agile, and more customer-focused business.  In a word, more ‘fit.’

“In its third year as a stand-alone private enterprise, global datacenter equipment maker Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) has remade itself for a datacenter market that demands a lean cost structure and rewards speed,” the report states. “…the company is now gearing up to take advantage of its broad portfolio and global footprint to take more share in a challenging but expanding data center market.”

The report goes on to note the efforts and investment we have made over the last few years, including key acquisitions which helped to reinforce and expand capabilities in key markets for power management and critical infrastructure cooling, respectively.

And it’s not only 451 Research that has noticed the progress Vertiv has made over the recent past. Industry analyst IHSMarkit recently released a report which identified Vertiv as the number one global supplier of remote IT management devices – increasingly important for edge computing.

However, as 451 and IHSM would quite rightly point out, no environment is static, and Vertiv needs to continue to adapt and evolve to meet new technology changes and shifting customer demands.

Fortunately, that approach is embedded in the DNA of the company and should help to ensure that Vertiv remains a great fit for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Read the report, Datacenter equipment maker Vertiv discovers its mojo as a stand-alone company.

Read the press release, 451 Research Report Recognizes ‘Leaner and Nimbler’ Vertiv That’s ‘Found Its Mojo’ as a Standalone Company.


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