Innovation Continues at Vertiv with Geist Rack PDUs

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Innovation Continues at Vertiv with Geist Rack PDUs

Vertiv has a long history of developing industry-changing solutions and is widely known as an innovator in critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services. Geist, a brand within Vertiv, is no exception. The 2020 CRN Tech Innovator Awards named the Vertiv Geist Combination Outlet C13/C19 as a finalist in the Power Management Technology and Infrastructure category. This annual award program honors innovative vendors in the IT channel across 49 technology categories, in key areas ranging from cloud to security to storage to networking. CRN editors assessed hundreds of vendor products along multiple criteria, including uniqueness, key capabilities, technological competency, and addressing customer needs.

The Award-Winning Combination

Vertiv is thrilled and thankful to CRN for recognizing the continuous innovation Geist is bringing to the rack PDU industry with the Vertiv™ Geist™ Combination Outlet C13/C19. This new universal outlet is a 2-in-1 receptacle functioning as both an IEC C13 and C19, enabling users to connect C14 and C20 plugs into any outlet on a rack power distribution unit (rPDU).

Simplified Deployments

The Combination Outlet C13/C19 simplifies rPDU specification and reduces deployment complexity for you and your customers as it allows any mix of hardware to be connected to the rPDU. This means there is no longer a need to spend time trying to figure out how many of each outlet type are needed based on the potentially unknown list of equipment that will be installed into each rack.

Easy Organization

In addition to C14 or C20 plugs fitting in any receptacle on the rack PDU, the receptacles are color-coded to allow customers to easily differentiate by circuit. These high-retention receptacles are designed to work with cords provided by equipment manufacturers, ensuring plugs stay in place.

Here is what one partner had to say about the new product:

“... End users appreciate the simplicity for national and global deployment as they don’t have to rely on stringent counts in racks having C13/C19 requirements. IT staff responsible for deployments in smaller data centers or network closets don’t always know how their infrastructure will change, so for them, the combination outlet is a future-proof purchase. Overall, this Vertiv solution makes the job of the IT staff and the procurement team both easy and error-free.” Kristin Straughan – Tech Plan, Inc.

Continued Innovation with the Universal Rack PDU (UPDU)

The innovation doesn’t end with the new Combination Outlet C13/C19. Vertiv has introduced another leading-edge rack PDU type focused on reducing the complexity of rack PDU procurement and deployment. The Vertiv™ Geist™ Universal rack Power Distribution Unit (UPDU) introduces versatility into what has historically been a “buy exactly what you need today” type of product.



Solving rPDU Specification Challenges

The process of selecting rack PDUs is typically a daunting task when helping customers specify the rPDU they need for their application. Not only would the power configuration need to be identified, but the sales partner or end user would need to identify the intelligence required, power configuration / plug type, outlet type, quantity of each outlet type, and even the size of the rPDU to ensure the selected model will work for each unique application.

Designed to Save You Time

The Vertiv Geist UPDU, in conjunction with the Combination Outlet C13/C19, significantly reduces the number of questions and the amount of information that a partner needs to gather to specify the appropriate solution. Since the UPDU can support all common global AC power configurations, the same model can be deployed in every data center or edge site. The power configuration of the UPDU is determined by connecting the Facility Side Cable with the necessary plug type.

Now there are only a few questions that need to be answered: What is the intelligence required? The power configuration / plug type? The total number of outlets needed? The UPDU also comes in two variations: 11 kW max and 22 kW max- you will need to confirm the max per rack load to ensure the correct model is selected.

With the Vertiv Geist UPDU and Combination Outlet C13 / C19, you can specify a rack PDU for your customer in minutes rather than hours or days.

From power configuration to intelligence, the Vertiv Geist UPDU with Combination Outlet C13/C19 introduces simplicity and flexibility into rPDU procurement and deployment throughout the rack PDU life-cycle process.

Check out everything that Vertiv Geist has to offer here.

Learn more about CRN’s Tech Innovator Awards here.

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