Consider Data Center Cooling for Your Next Career

Lorenz Hoffman •

Working as the leader of thermal engineering for Vertiv, a pioneer of the precision air conditioning market that has supported data centers around the world for five decades, I can’t help but to reflect on International Data Center Day. While a lot has changed, what remains the same is our commitment to the research and development of innovative products and services for business-critical thermal applications.

While we have more than 400 engineers serving our customers around the globe, continuing to be a leader in the market requires us to attract the next generation of talent. For a student about to graduate with an engineering degree or a professional thinking of a career change, I have four good reasons you should consider positions connected to thermal management… whether in data center cooling or general HVAC.

Positively Impact the World’s Food Supply

Approximately 50 percent of food in the United States today spoils from farm to table. With all the waste, there are considerable opportunities in refrigeration and cooling to make a difference in the world’s food supply.

Expand Air-Conditioning Benefits

Less than a third of the world benefits from the air-conditioning that we live and work in every day. Being a part of innovation for cooling products and services will allow you to spread those benefits to more people around the globe.

Fill the Skills Gap

Most individuals that work in air conditioning and cooling today went to college in the 1970s and 80s, which could lead to a deficit of essential skills as those generations retire. This is why there is huge career potential for those of you coming out of school today.

Ensure Energy Efficiency with Today’s Proliferation of Data Centers

Servers and other IT infrastructure inside of a data center create a lot of thermal energy. Cooling those critical assets can help them run more efficiently while ensuring everyone gets their data when they need it.

Whether you are in the U.S., Europe, or Asia, there are vast opportunities to join the ranks of engineers at Vertiv and make a difference inside and outside of data centers. Go online to learn more about Vertiv thermal management solutions, take this career simulator or to start your career search.


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