Briefings Direct Podcast: How the Modern Data Center Extends Across Remote Locations Due to Automation and Connectivity

David H. Hybels •

Enterprise IT strategists are adapting to new demands from the industrial edge, 5G networks, and hybrid deployment models that will lead to more diverse data centers across more business settings. That’s the message from a broad new survey of 150 senior IT executives and data center managers on the future of the data center.

IT leaders and engineers say they must update their data centers to exploit 5G and edge computing field opportunities, as well as to transform their multiple data centers to leverage the explosive growth of data coming from nearly every direction.

Yet, according to the Forbes-conducted survey, only a small percentage of businesses are ready for such decentralized and often small data centers needed to process and analyze data close to its source. In this podcast, Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions and Martin Olsen, Vice President of Global Edge and Integrated Solutions at Vertiv unpack how more self-healing and automation will be increasingly required to manage such dispersed IT infrastructure and hybrid deployment scenarios.

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