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The page you're viewing is for English (China) region.


Delivering the ultra-low latency and high bandwidth at frequencies most compatible with 5G requires dense networks with far more cell sites than existing 3G and 4G architectures. These sites require powerful computing resources that potentially could double energy consumption at each tower and fundamentally change the demands placed on the power and cooling infrastructure.

Reliable, efficient DC power systems are critical to 5G network expansion and the reduction of OpEx across those 5G sites. In addition, those power-hungry 5G radios present practical challenges. Without the necessary power boost, the power drop from the base of the tower to the radio often forces a battery draw that could leave the site unprepared for an unexpected outage. We have solutions for all these needs, as well as the cabinets and enclosures to protect 5G equipment from the elements, vandalism and theft.

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increase in total network energy consumption expected by 2026 due to 5G


of global energy consumption comes from the telecom industry

Case Study

作为5G网络的重要载体和支撑基础,5G基站是目前最受关注的基础设施之一。基于在湖南电信应用试点的实际应用,维谛技术(Vertiv)的Vertiv™ eBase智能机柜表现出了出色的整体性能,解决了试点基 站此前传统网孔式机柜不能妥善处理的过热问题, 为5G BBU设备正常运行提供了适宜的环境温度, 避免了高温导致设备宕机的安全隐患。 并且Vertiv™ eBase2.0智能机柜采用预制式模块设计,与原机房基础设施解耦, 实现快速建站、高效运行、灵活部署,可以实现 2小时建站。Vertiv™ eBase2.0智能机柜在提供更多设备空间的同时,节省了占地面积,并拥有BBU插框,可以兼容最多10台不同品牌的BBU设 备,而且系统采用“独立嵌入式电源+交直流配电单元”设计,进一步提升了可靠性。因此Vertiv™ eBase2.0智能机柜完美适用于5G BBU汇聚场、综合接入机房等场景, 并且在多个层面能够为运营商带来非凡的价值体验。



Need reliable, efficient DC power at existing cell sites


Key Considerations
  • Sizing the DC power system to meet current and future requirements
  • Meeting the need for rapid deployment
  • Ensuring no downtime when expanding power and load distribution
  • Improving energy efficiency with upgrade or retrofit



Additional sites to support 5G are dramatically increasing power consumption


Key Considerations
  • Monitoring site usage and power consumption
  • Ensuring DC power systems offer efficient operation without compromising reliability
  • Evaluating viability of alternative energy sources
  • Scaling for future growth



Power drop from base to remote radio head is forcing unwanted battery draws


Key Considerations
  • Measuring distance between DC power system and radio
  • Ensuring cabling meets site needs



Physical security of equipment against elements, theft and vandalism


Key Considerations
  • Understanding climate and thermal management requirements
  • Evaluating nature of human threats and potential costs compared to enhanced security






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