The page you're viewing is for English (China) region.

The page you're viewing is for English (China) region.

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eBase Indoor Solution

eBase indoor solution is an efficient, intelligent and ingegrated telecom infrastucture. It is equipped with functional units such as power supply and distribution, cooling, power backup, and monitoring system among others. It enablles rapid site constuction, higher space utilization, availability and efficiency.

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Best Suited For:
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution
  • Government
  • Broadcast and Entertainment
Warranty: one year warranty


Quick Site Deployment: deploy in less than 6 hours
Small Footprint: utilizing the vertical space by integrating power, cooling and other infrastructure in astandard rack space.
Low TCO Operation: reducing TCO by more than 20% in contrast to traditional solutions.
Efficient Cooling Technology: demanding lesser cooling capacity and boosting power usage effectiveness(PUE).
Integrated management: The SiteWeb monitoring software allows centralized, real time access and monitoring for any network connected devices.
User Selectable Solutions: providing a platform to configure the power supply, space and thermal management and maintenance for each operator.
Scales to meet the changing business needs with “Pay-as-you-Grow” infrastructure.
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Vertiv (Customer Service for DC Power Systems & Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 1280
Product areas of focus: DC Power Systems, Power Distribution, Outdoor Enclosures
Vertiv (Technical Support for DC Power and Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 5260
Product areas of focus: DC Power Systems, Outdoor Enclosures

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