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Vertiv Unveils New Line of Efficient Thermal Management Solutions for High-Density IT Applications in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand

July 08, 2021

The Liebert® XD family features hybrid design configurations for ultimate flexibility and scalability

Singapore [July 8, 2021] Vertiv (NYSE: VRT), a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, today unveiled its latest line of thermal management solutions designed for high-density IT applications. The Liebert® XD family offers sensible cooling in row, rack or room design, with provision for scalability and flexibility for future expansion. The Liebert XD family is now available in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The Liebert XD family utilizes refrigerant-based systems to cool IT equipment. By adopting a waterless design, the solution is ideal for use around electrical equipment, reducing hazards and supporting sustainability targets for businesses working to eliminate water usage in the data center.

Ideal for high-density computing applications and enterprise data centers, the Liebert XD family can be implemented as a hybrid approach, using a combination of floormount mission-critical cooling units and cooling from the Liebert XD Series as supplemental or primary. In addition, its compact design allows for targeted cooling closer to the heat source, allowing for potential energy savings of up to 70 percent when deployed as primary cooling and up to 30 percent savings as supplemental cooling, compared to traditional data center cooling solutions.

The Liebert XD family has two types of heat rejection modules available: the Liebert® XDP, which utilizes the building’s existing chilled water system as well as the Liebert XD pumped refrigerant unit, which can cool up to 200kW of IT load; and the Liebert® XDC air-cooled variant, which can support up to 130kW of IT load, for businesses that do not have existing chilled water system in their buildings.

A scalable solution, the Liebert XD cooling solutions may be added and reconfigured to react to changes in the environment as heat loads increase.

The Liebert® XDP and Liebert® XDC units can be used in conjunction with a variety of cooling modules to address unique room cooling challenges: the Liebert® XDH for in-row cooling; the Liebert® XDO for overhead cooling; and the Liebert® XDV for above-rack cooling. Each cooling module supports either air-cooled or chilled water, depending on customer requirements and provision for scalable growth. The cooling modules can be placed where the heat loads are, a flexible approach to provide cooling exactly where it is needed.

“Cooling accounts for one of the biggest energy consumers within the data center space. This is no surprise considering the huge amount of data that’s being processed, stored and analysed as many organizations ramp up their digital transformation programs. As more organizations today strive to balance energy efficiency and sustainability goals with their overall business goals, the Liebert® XD family is the perfect solution to support high-density applications,” said Rebecca Ng, head of thermal management at Vertiv Asia.

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