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Faced with growing demands for high-speed broadband services, the customer was looking at expanding the capacity of its upstream connection bandwidth with the international internet gateway. Increasing the bandwidth, however, means more power is required to support the new infrastructure.

During the design stage, the customer was met with a few challenges. First, the new server room is located at the building's second floor, making it difficult to use traditional 48V DC power equipment due to cabling concerns and possible high voltage drop as the power room is situated at the ground floor with some 50 meters from the server room. In addition, the server room space is small and has limited floor area for IT equipment.


Case Summary



Critical Need:

The customer was looking for a cost-effective, yet high-efficient power solution to support its capacity expansion, while addressing existing infrastructure challenges.

Vertiv Solution:

Netsure™ HVDC series


What is HVDC?

HVDC, or high-voltage direct current, utilises 240-400V DC energy to distribute power within a facility or data centre. Traditionally, a facility utilises power from a grid that is converted and distributed throughout the facility. However, in telecom or high-density applications, utilising energy from the grid can be inefficient due to multiple energy conversions that result in wasted energy. In this instance, DC power is the best alternative to optimise the unnecessary conversion steps thereby reducing the power losses.


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