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Trabalhar com um representante do fabricante Vertiv permite que os designs complexos sejam configurados de acordo com as suas necessidades únicas. Se for uma organização que procura orientação técnica num projeto de grandes dimensões, a Vertiv pode fornecer o apoio de que necessita.

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Muitos clientes trabalham com um parceiro revendedor Vertiv, para comprar produtos Vertiv para as suas aplicações de IT. Os parceiros têm uma vasta formação e experiência, e estão posicionados de forma única para especificar, vender e apoiar soluções completas de TI e infraestruturas com produtos Vertiv.

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Já sabe do que precisa? Quer a conveniência da compra e do envio online? Determinadas categorias de produtos Vertiv podem ser adquiridas através de um revendedor online.

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Precisa de ajuda para escolher um produto? Fale com um Especialista Vertiv altamente qualificado que o ajudará a orientar-se para a solução certa para si.

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The page you're viewing is for Portuguese (EMEA) region.

Supporting 5G at the Core


Today’s central office bears little resemblance to the switching stations of the past, transitioning in recent years to something more reminiscent of a data center. As the hub of a 5G network, this modern central office controls a vast, virtualized network of 5G microsites while simultaneously hosting cloud offerings and managing amped-up back-end requirements.

The challenges in such an environment are familiar to data center managers: urgent capacity increases, capacity management, power protection and distribution, cooling IT systems, and monitoring and management of the distributed network. This is what we do. From racks, power systems, thermal management solutions and monitoring to modular solutions that bring it all together, we have the technologies and expertise to optimize a reliable, efficient 5G network core.

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projected increase in data usage among 5G subscribers

Case Study

Vertiv helped a major communications service provider operating in more than 180 countries densify its smart network and increase capacity. This telco decided to leverage high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power in their telecom exchange sites achieve the lowest throughput cost and highest availability of service while also being more sustainable. By deploying Vertiv™ NetSure™ HVT power and converter systems the telco is mitigating the capital, operational, and environmental challenges of 5G.


Need more capacity to handle new demands


Key Considerations
  • Sizing the power system to meet current and future requirements
  • Enabling connectivity for remote monitoring
  • Meeting the need for rapid deployment
  • Evaluating heat loads to determine need for dedicated cooling
  • Leveraging limited space at existing sites



Expansion of network increases complexity of equipment management


Key Considerations
  • Maintaining visibility into DC power systems
  • Ensuring easy access while maintaining robust security
  • Accommodating greater mix of power in existing footprint






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