The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.

The page you're viewing is for Korean (Korea) region.


Liebert AF2

Solid-state power converter that brings ultimate power quality solution by reducing current harmonics and improving power factor in non-linear load.

적합한 용도:
  • Banking Financial and Insurance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Telecom
  • Retail and Wholesale



Improved Current Harmonics and Power Close Loop or Open loop Control enables perfection in harmonic compensation based on applications Scalable, Adaptable Easy to deploy. Set and Forget Easy Monitoring and Control Easy to Install, Fit & forget Compatible

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제품 지원 연락처

연락처 보기 Virginia, 20149, USA 변경
Geist Support - Americas (Rack PDU and Watchdog)
+1 888 630 4445
1777 Yolande Avenue Lincoln Nebraska USA
제품 중점 영역: 배전설비, 모니터링
Vertiv (Customer Service for DC Power Systems & Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 1280
제품 중점 영역: DC 전원 시스템, 배전설비, 옥외형 캐비닛 (시스템)
Vertiv (Liebert Services)
+1 800 543 2378
610 Executive Campus Drive Westerville Ohio 43082 USA
제품 중점 영역: 무정전 전원 공급장치(UPS), 배전설비, 열 관리, 통합 솔루션, 랙과 컨테인먼트 솔루션

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