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Protecting the Critical Rail Infrastructure

The rail network is one of the world's most critical industries, as they aim to provide a safe and comfortable commute experience to passengers. Optimizing all areas of the rail network for IT deployment is critical.

What is happening?

Personalized mobility

Passengers are now able to access real-time information on train routes and travel times and be alerted of any incidences to make their commute more convenient and comfortable.

Integration of e-commerce features on some train stations, allowing passengers to do their shopping online and pick up their items at the nearest train stations.

Sustainability for Growth

As the rail system becomes digital, there is also a shift towards a more sustainable transport model.

The goal is to be able to harness technologies while lowering operating cost and ensuring safety of availability of the entire rail network.

Protecting the Digital Rail System

With increased reliance on technology and customer experience, operators need to ensure that all personal data and information collected from passengers remain protected at all times.

At the same time, operators must also ensure that their equipment are also optimized and protected against sudden breakdowns and outages.

Infrastructure Challenges

  • Rail operators must be able to guarantee a more efficient and resilient system while minimizing operating and maintenance costs
  • The challenge is to integrate new technologies and systems into the existing network to enhance overall performance and introduce automation

  • With increased reliance on automation, rail operators must be able to manage multiple applications within the network, from the main data center to various train hubs across a particular region
  • It is important to ensure seamless integration of all applications across the system for effective implementation of new technologies

  • Immediate access to data to address critical issues immediately
  • Data security and reliable communication network is a major concern
  • Protection against power disruption and disturbances across every location


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