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The page you're viewing is for French (EMEA) region.

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Trellis™ Inventory Manager

The ultimate tool for keeping track of all of your assets.

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The Trellis Inventory Manager allows data center stakeholders to know exactly what assets, connections and capacity exist in their facility, and easily make changes for optimal performance. It provides a set of graphical visualization tools to allow the infrastructure team to map out its floor space and understand where assets are, who they belong to and how they are connected.
Users can collect a detailed catalog of all the inventory items that are placed in the data center, as well as understand how much capacity (power, cooling, weight and space) is available and consumed at any point in the data center based on faceplate or de-rated values. View capacities in any floor/space, inside any elevation (e.g., rack) or inside the actual assets (e.g., blade chassis) with ease.  


Minimize effort brought by manual, outdated or conflicting lists of data center assets
Minimize errors due to outdated or conflicting lists of assets; you maintain only one comprehensive source of documentation for all devices in the data center
Find equipment (and relevant asset data) quicker through the use of a search-and-locate feature
Fast-track device placement, provisioning or decommissioning with help from a comprehensive and unified floor, rack plan and device plan
Quickly determine what connections exist for a chosen asset (no more tracing cables behind racks)
Reduce time spent and personnel traffic inside the data center
Understand exactly what capacities exist within the data center, what has already been used and what is remaining, understanding how the consumption levels rate against thresholds that apply

Workstation Requirements for Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows® 2008, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux version 5.6 or higher Hardware Requirements: Dual-core Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU at 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, LAN connection. Additional software: Adobe® Flash® Player version 12 or higher, Microsoft® Word 2007 or higher, Notepad++, Microsoft® RDP Client (if installing the Trellis™ platform on Windows®), PuTTY (if installing the Trellis™ platform on Linux® or configuring the Avocent® Universal Management Gateway appliance), WinSCP (if installing the Trellis™ platform on Linux®) Browsers for the Trellis™ platform user interface: Mozilla® Firefox® version 31.0 or higher, Google Chrome™ version 40.0 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer® 9 and 10 with standard mode (compatibility mode is off) and 11. Browsers for the symbol portal: Microsoft Internet Explorer® 9 and 10 (with compatibility mode on) and 11. Browsers for 3D features: Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11, Chrome and Firefox.

Inventory Manager - • Know exactly what's inside your data center so you can better manage and optimize assets • Search and locate the full data center inventory without leaving your desk; use of symbolic library representation is like being physically present inside the data center • Select an asset and view all its properties, capacities, contained devices and connections to other devices • Create realistic floor plan models by importing AutoCAD plans and plotting the racks on the blueprint • View spaces and zones in an XY-tiled format to get a higher level of precision in pinpointing devices; rack elevation view shows the exact placement of all devices in your racks • Divide the data center plan based on functions by defining spaces, as well as zones within those spaces, so all users can quickly differentiate which areas are for production, staging and safety • Search devices using the software interface instead of roaming physically, reducing time spent by personal inside the data center • Visualize the total capacity consumption via top-down view to show where you have capacity remaining and where you are nearing the limit • Show the power connections between any device port and its upstream or downstream devices; verify the status of all assets in the same power chain • Ensure a server's power redundancy through power

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