The page you're viewing is for French (EMEA) region.

The page you're viewing is for French (EMEA) region.

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NetSure IPE Series

The NetSure IPE Series is ideal for use in network edge applications including 5G, DAS, and multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Rapid deployment outdoors is easy since the unit is hardened and does not require a separate housing for protection against the elements.

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  • Télécommunication

The high efficiency NetSure IPE Series reduces power consumption and lowers operating costs while delivering superior performance and uncompromised reliability.


Rapidly deploy your 5G network with outdoor rectifiers that easily mount directly to a pole or wall
Power your critical infrastructure in harsh environments with durable IP65-rated modules that operate up to +75 °C 
Keep network operating costs to a minimum by using highly available DC power that operates at 95% efficiency
Eliminate voltage drops and running massive cables to remote radio heads (RRHs) by placing these compact rectifiers directly on top of the tower
Avoid disrupting the neighborhood by running your network on silent, convection-cooled DC power


Convection cooling for silent operation
IP65 high level protection
High efficiency, above 95%
Wide temperature operating range from -40°C to +75°C /-40°F to 167°F
Compliant with global standards
Flexible installation options include wall and pole mounting

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