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Travailler avec un représentant du fabricant Vertiv permet de configurer des conceptions complexes en fonction de vos besoins spécifiques  Si votre entreprise recherche des conseils techniques pour un projet de grande envergure, Vertiv peut vous apporter l’assistance dont vous avez besoin.

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De nombreux clients travaillent avec un revendeur partenaire Vertiv pour acheter des produits Vertiv pour leurs applications IT. Nos partenaires disposent d’une formation et d’une expérience approfondies, et sont particulièrement bien placés pour spécifier, vendre et prendre en charge l’ensemble des solutions informatiques et d’infrastructure avec les produits Vertiv.

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Vous savez déjà ce dont vous avez besoin ? Vous souhaitez profiter de la facilité d’achat et d’expédition en ligne ? Certaines catégories de produits Vertiv peuvent être achetées auprès d’un revendeur en ligne.

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Besoin d’aide pour choisir un produit ? Parlez à un spécialiste Vertiv hautement qualifié qui vous guidera vers la solution qui vous convient.

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The page you're viewing is for French (EMEA) region.

Besoin d’une capacité informatique accrue dès maintenant ? Essayez un datacenter modulaire préfabriqué.

Le rapport de 451 Research présente une mise à jour sur les solutions Vertiv SmartMod™ et Power Module répondant aux défis de capacité et d’implémentation chez les clients

The constant pressure for increased computing capacity that can be quickly implemented, especially at the network edge, is driving a period of unprecedented digital transformation for Vertiv customers.

Pre-engineered Modular Data Centers (PFMs) and Power Rooms meet this need, fueling one of the fastest growing markets for data center infrastructure. The 451 Research report predicts that the precast products market will grow strongly over the next two years, with revenues amounting to $4 billion in 2020.

What is behind this shift in the data center infrastructure landscape?

While some application workloads are currently migrating to the cloud or colocation facilities, many companies prefer to keep some data on-premises due to security or low latency requirements.

However, as density increases, existing on-premises applications gradually reach maximum computing capacity. PFM systems offer a quick option to increase capacity while ensuring a smaller footprint. They illustrate the macro-economic shift in the industry from complexity stemming from disparate equipment and components to simpler solutions built from more standard components.

How do Vertiv's modular data center solutions meet these needs?

For installations requiring a PFM data center for a “turnkey” implementation that supports rapid scalability, Vertiv's SmartMod and Power Module are available. Part of a standardized portfolio, Vertiv SmartMod solutions allow prospective customers to choose from a set of easy-to-understand product configurations for which they receive prompt quotes and estimated delivery times. Vertiv Power Module is available in two main flavors and streamlines data center construction or remodeling projects without completely overhauling existing design and build practices.

For example, Vertiv recently deployed 11 power rooms in six months and within budget for a service provider that needed to rapidly increase its transport capacity at a neutral dark fiber site. In another scenario, Vertiv issued and obtained license approval for modular data center infrastructure requiring compliance with Canadian building codes and seismic requirements for telecommunications facilities. The lead time from initial order to start-up was 24 weeks.

Another example: Vertiv had to take into account the high sensitivity of a casino in terms of speed of implementation and uniform performance. Fortunately, the streamlined ordering process for SmartMod systems allowed us to quickly expand the power of gaming gear without touching existing data center white space.

The Vertiv SmartMod range targets lower capacity needs. Each module contains all the necessary and future-oriented components, such as remote management, while being able to be adapted to customer needs. Each module can be configured to contain 2 to 12 bays and a maximum load of 90 kW for one enclosure or 180 kW for two connected enclosures.

Vertiv Power Modules are scalable in 120 or 200 kW, with increments up to 600 kW in one enclosure and capacity is scalable with additional modules. All Power Modules have their own cooling, fire suppression and control panel systems. They can hold enough batteries to support the maximum load for up to five minutes. The 1000 or 1200 kW monolithic version, compatible with the market-leading Liebert EXL S1 inverter, offers a high-power-density critical power package for building larger sites.

The new Vertiv SmartMod and Power Module ranges are immediately available in Europe, Middle East and Africa. They will be in North America at the beginning of this year.

To learn more about the PFM market and the benefits of using Vertiv SmartMod and Power Module solutions, download the 451 Research report, "Vertiv adds ready-made products to its datacenter tailoring business."

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