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Why You Should Equip Workers with Remote 4K Video Access and Ultra-Fast Streaming

Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Ecosystem Scales and Secures 4K Video Applications

Aman Khan •

Hybrid work has enabled many employees to work effectively from home, using digital workspaces, productivity and collaboration tools, and video conferencing solutions. However, there are groups of employees that have struggled with remote work, because their application requirements exceed these conventional solutions.

Across multiple industries, different employee groups rely on remote 4K video streaming access to accomplish their daily work. They need secure access to on-premises business applications, exceptional video resolution and ultra-fast streaming to accomplish everything from developing software and video games to working with CAD imagery and overseeing control room functions.

Pre-pandemic, many of these employees would have worked on-site and had access to all the tools they need. As hybrid work quickly became the dominant model, however, IT teams had to quickly rethink how to equip these workers. Managing, shipping, securing and supporting a remote fleet of high-end IT assets in employees’ homes could have quickly become a logistical and security nightmare. In addition, there are some applications, such as trading, corporate R&D and regulatory compliance, where direct device access is never a good option. Far easier and better, then, to simply empower these workers with 4K IP KVM devices and remote access to the applications and systems they need for daily work.

In our white paper, Next-Generation Work: Equipping Employees with Secure Remote High-Resolution Video Capabilities, we discuss why remote 4K video access requirements are growing at organizations today. We also demonstrate how to provide secure remote 4K access to critical user groups and securely scale this use case across your organization.

Why Employees Need 4K Video Capabilities

Applications for remote 4K video streaming access include:

  • Computer engineering labs (testing servers, laptops and desktops)
  • Corporate R&D, data privacy and regulatory compliance applications
  • Healthcare telemedicine and remote consultation applications
  • High-resolution display manufacturers
  • Software R&D development firms
  • Architecture and commercial and product development (CAD)
  • Video gaming companies
  • Financial services firms (trading, trade auditing)
  • Industries with control rooms (broadcast, power grid and security)

How the Right IT Management Platform Enables 4K Video and Fast Streaming Access

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to scale 4K video and streaming access across larger user groups, while still maintaining stringent security and control. With the right management platform, IT can:

  • Support remote workers’ need for high-quality 4K (3840 x 2160) video resolution at fast 30 hertz (Hz) refresh rates
  • Grant and manage teams’ remote access to on-premises business applications, while meeting organization security and compliance requirements
  • Enable session sharing to empower teams to collaborate securely and efficiently
  • Audit remote access to further enhance security

Vertiv™ Avocent® ADX Ecosystem is the vendor-neutral platform that your IT teams need to enable and scale remote 4K video applications across your organization. Avocent® ADX Ecosystem enables IT to access and manage the devices your organization relies on, including servers, service processors, virtual machines, routers, switches, firewalls and storage devices.

IT teams gain the transparency, security and automated processes they need to manage more users, sessions and devices than before. These capabilities enable small IT teams to support large user groups with secure, remote access, while keeping on-site computers and business applications secure, a must for use cases as various as broadcast, data privacy and telemedicine. Meanwhile, Vertiv™ Avocent® HMX 8000 High Performance IP KVM Systems empowers workers with the flexible, secure access; 4K video access; and rich image quality they need to drive their productivity, while avoiding physical discomfort and workplace injuries.


Hybrid work is here to stay, and a growing number of users and applications will require remote 4K video access. As a result, IT needs to plan for growth, connectivity and innovation. Avocent® ADX Ecosystem meets all of these needs, providing the flexibility IT needs to scale 4K video access across devices, user groups and geographies; the always-on, always-available remote access to that keeps businesses growing and users productive; and a platform based on open standards and APIs that’s easy to enhance with other capabilities.

Learn how to secure and scale remote 4K video access at your organization today.

Download the white paper

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