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Trabajar con un representante de Vertiv te permite configurar diseños complejos para adaptarlos a tus necesidades únicas. Si eres una empresa que busca orientación técnica para un gran proyecto, Vertiv puede proporcionarte el apoyo que necesitas.

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Muchos clientes trabajan con un partner reseller de Vertiv para comprar productos Vertiv para sus aplicaciones de TI. Los partners tienen una amplia formación y experiencia, y están en una posición única para especificar, vender y dar soporte a soluciones completas de TI e infraestructura utilizando productos Vertiv.

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The page you're viewing is for Spanish (EMEA) region.


Read our White Paper on "Deploying Liquid Cooling in the Data Center" for practical strategies and a step-by-step roadmap for adopting liquid cooling for 1MW IT loads.

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Combining Air and Liquid: The Best Solutions for High Density Data Centers

The benefits of adding liquid cooling to your air-cooled facility

Liquid cooling can effectively manage up to and exceeding 120kw per rack
Learn More
Reduce total data center power consumption around 10.2%
Learn More
More than 15 percent improvement in total usage effectiveness (TUE)
Learn More

Top Three Takeaways on Deploying Liquid Cooling

Here is high-level guidance any team can use to navigate the incremental addition of liquid cooling to air-cooled environments cooling infrastructure.

Vertiv Is Working Together with Leaders in the AI Industry

  • Vertiv is a Solution Consultant Advisor partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN).
  • NVIDIA and Vertiv have been collaborating in the latest liquid cooling technologies to enable cutting-edge chips to run effectively, such as in the US government funded COOLERCHIPS program.

Additional Resources

Case Study: Colovore

Colovore deploys liquid cooling solution to offer customers rack capacities up to 50kW

Learn More

Video: The Evolution of Liquid Cooling

With high-density computing on the rise, liquid cooling technologies are emerging as solutions to increase data center efficiency and sustainability.

Watch the Video

Blog: Innovating Out Loud

Cooling Tomorrow’s Data Centers through Innovation and Collaboration NVIDIA collaborated with Vertiv™ and several industry leaders from universities, startups, and other vendors to propose a cooling system that helped NVIDIA and its partners secure a $5 million grant from the US government COOLERCHIPS program.

Learn More

Press Release: Vertiv™ Acquisition of CoolTera Ltd. Boosts Liquid Cooling Portfolio

This deal will strengthen Vertiv’s capabilities to support the deployment of AI at scale.

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Press Release: Vertiv™ Collaborates with Intel on Liquid Cooled Solution for the Intel® Gaudi®3 AI Accelerator Platform

Intel’s next generation AI accelerators will be supported by Vertiv liquid-cooled data center infrastructure solutions to help organizations accelerate AI adoption while achieving sustainability goals.

Learn More

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