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Does your standby power system suffer from a deterioration of performance and reliability? Does every part of the system work properly during a mains failure? Will it support your business in the event of a prolonged loss of mains supply?

Many generators and switchgear systems outlive their controls due to obsolete or dated components. The engine, alternator and associated switchgear may still have many years of serviceable life remaining.

It is possible to save on the large capital outlay of completely new equipment and minimise disruption to your business by upgrading your existing control systems.

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Reliability of control systems can be of concern in older installations however Vertiv have the expertise and experience to upgrade your control system regardless of the type or complexity with up to date equipment from trusted industry brands such as Deepsea Electronics® and ComAp® that are designed to exceed previous functionality and specification and extend the life of the installation to save costs on expensive complete system replacements.

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Vertiv’s specialist Generator & Switchgear Controls Engineers have extensive knowledge and experience to work with sites, consultants and system designers to ensure that every attention to detail and is considered from initial conception through to detailed design development, project planning, project Documentation and drawings, ensuring that the control system is of the correct requirements for the situation and will last well into the future.

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Vertiv have the knowledge and experience to supply control systems that allow you to monitor your generators from wherever you are in the World on laptop/ PC, smart phone and/or tablet. They provide you comprehensive on-screen information that is easy to navigate and operate and can also be retrofitted to an existing control system. Our remote monitoring systems provides real time energy management information for effective system operation.

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Why Vertiv?

Vertiv’s deep infrastructure expertise is amplified by our use of data and our cradle-to-grave services, giving our customers insight into technology and operating trends and the confidence to effectively manage risk, reduce costs, increase utilisation and make better decisions.

Industry and technology insight Image
Industry and technology insight

Vertiv service capabilities are based on deep industry and infrastructure expertise amplified by years of equipment performance data. It’s this combination that delivers insight into operating trends making effective risk management and equipment optimisation possible.

A flexible and scalable partner Image
A flexible and scalable partner

Vertiv partners with critical facility operators to design innovative service programs that meet objectives and budgets. From managing an entire facility build to maintaining equipment in small, remote locations, we provide scalable solutions for ever critical infrastructure challenge.

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Global reach, local support

A truly global organization, we provide consistent service delivery for critical facilities in all regions of the world with service provided by knowledgeable, local specialists. We provide full support for your critical infrastructure when and where you need us.

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