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Companies we’ve helped Scale With Confidence


When global IT services and consulting leader T-Systems evaluated options for rapid data center expansion, it chose a prefabricated solution from Vertiv.

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Vertiv has supported EdgeConneX in its mission to build a flexible, scalable and ubiquitous edge.

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MainOne set out on a mission to bridge the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world. Our goal was to fill the huge gaps in internet infrastructure that existed across all nations in West Africa.

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As one of the world's greenest colocation operators, Green Mountain is laser focused on product and supplier sustainability. Discover how Vertiv products and services helped continue the company's eco-friendly commitments.

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Solutions to Scale With Confidence

Vertiv solutions are designed for reliability and scalability and feature integrated intelligence that enhances flexibility and manageability.



  • Prefabricated Data Centers
  • Critical Power
  • Thermal Management
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Services




Prefabricated data centers

Vertiv™ SmartMod™

Our SmartMod™ infrastructure solutions include prefabricated buildings designed as transportable, preassembled modules that enable rapid deployment.

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Critical Power

Vertiv™ Power Module

Deploy isolated, power-dense, critical infrastructure capacity just in time to meet your business demands with the Vertiv Power Module.

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Critical Power

High-Capacity UPS Systems

Delivering first class load protection and maximum energy savings, the Liebert® EXL S1 is available in single module and distributed bypass configurations and is compatible with lithium ion battery systems.

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Critical Power

Room and Rack Power Distribution

Vertiv innovative power distribution units and rack PDUs give you the flexibility to support more racks and more devices per rack. Power distribution cabinets provide a custom-tailored system with the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested system. Rack PDUs include basic, monitored and switched models plus our unique universal PDU, which enables standardization regardless of input requirements.

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Thermal Management

Adiabatic Freecooling Chiller

Liebert® AFC combines the outstanding levels of energy efficiency allowed by freecooling together with the endless availability guaranteed by the compressor back up (available both with multi-scroll or screw compressors) and the highly efficient adiabatic wet pad system.

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Thermal Management

Indirect Evaporative Free-Cooling System

The Liebert® EFC system includes indirect air-to-air heat exchange and evaporative cooling technology in one package. It leverages the evaporative cooling principle to support mechanical PUE levels as low as 1.03.

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Monitoring and Management

Our infrastructure monitoring, intelligent controls and centralized management systems work together to increase equipment availability, utilization and efficiency. From a complete family of KVMs, serial consoles and gateways, to sensors and DCIM software, Vertiv monitoring and management solutions deliver the control and visibility required to align capacity with demand.

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From engineering to on-site project management to electrical reliability services, Vertiv offers a wide range of programs and services to reduce start up times and enable more reliable, safe, and efficient operation throughout the lifecycle of your facility.

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