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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Assessing the Small Cooling System Options
for Edge Data Centers

September 14, 2021

Hybrid work models and digital transformation efforts are increasing the need for edge computing close to users, and with sites popping up everywhere, IT managers are challenged to match cooling requirements with business growth needs.

With the proliferation of the edge and sites being set up on the fly to meet emerging customer or user demands, edge equipment may share space with other business operations and be placed in locations that are optimized for human comfort, using standard air conditioning.

But comfort cooling isn’t enough for sensitive servers and other IT equipment.

To help you craft a strategy and plan for deploying the right thermal management equipment at diverse edge sites to protect valuable IT equipment and ensure business continuity, this white paper addresses the following:

  • Precisely why comfort cooling in not a viable option
  • The obstacles associated with uncontrolled environments
  • The importance of heat rejection
  • Four options for dedicated cooling based on equipment footprint

Learn more today and get help to find the right cooling solutions for your edge data centers.


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