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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Moving Twin Rivers mission-critical infrastructure

November 28, 2018

With more than 45 schools, the Twin Rivers Unified School District needed to move and update its data center to an approach that better handles its ever-growing mission-critical needs.

The Customer

Twin Rivers Unified School District is the 29th largest school district in California. With 29 elementary, five middle, four comprehensive high schools, three charters at seven sites and seven alternative schools, the district serves approximately 27,000 students.

The Challenge

With more than 45 schools, the Twin Rivers Unified School District needed to move and update its data center to an approach that to better handles its ever-growing mission-critical needs. Relocating and updating an entire data center for a school district is very time-consuming and costly.

The Solution

Rather than moving an already out-of-date and large data center, Vertiv simplified Twin Rivers' mission-critical requirements into a 14-rack SmartAisle™ solution. Now, if Twin Rivers ever needs to increase data needs, it can simply expand the SmartAisle infrastructure rather than wasting resources moving and replacing the data center.

Vertiv’s SmartAisle offering is the perfect solution to any mission-critical relocation and renovation. Simplified, rapid deployment allows Vertiv to expedite installation to prevent loss of productivity without breaking the budget. With the enhanced efficiency of the Liebert® CRV row-based precision cooling system, the integrated SmartAisle infrastructure delivers power usage effectiviness (PUE) that is 15-25% lower on average than any conventionally designed data center with similar capacity.

Case Summary

Location: California, United States

Critical Need: Twin Rivers needed to relocate its data center to another building while replacing its original 35 racks with a smaller, more efficient data structure to decrease operation costs, all while minimizing downtime during the transition.

Product/Services: The SmartAisle solution offers significant savings in CAPEX and OPEX via an intelligent, integrated row-based system. This infrastructure integrates racks, power, cooling, and infrastructure management into a holistic data center solution.


  • Configured a SmartAisle solution with cold-aisle containment and reduced the number of racks from 35 to 14
  • Reduced costs by minimizing installation time and eliminating the need for room upgrades
  • Included in-row cooling with four Liebert CRV systems
  • Provided high-density power distribution with a dual overhead modular busway
  • Created an easy-to-reproduce design to serve multiple locations
  • Minimized downtime and productivity loss
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