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Vertiv™ Critical Insight reduces alarms and increases capacity

January 31, 2019


A leading European TV provider producing and distributing contents for global audience needed to achieve high levels of availability for its 250 m² data center. Never knowing when and where a disaster might occur, this company required that its critical data center could operate in every condition.

With the expansion they went through in the last period, they had to rely on external contractors to provide the adequate level of maintenance their business required. The supplier used to monitor the critical infrastructure by using an obsolete monitoring system that did not provide the level of protection they required in the long-term.

The Solution

The company relied on Vertiv™ Critical Insight and our remote services and support to deliver the high availability the application required.

Vertiv™ Critical Insight is a full-featured, open-standard, web-based monitoring, control and alarm management system.

With Vertiv™Critical Insight the customer was virtually able to eliminate the risk of human error when responding to alarms.

The monitoring system received alarms and immediately notified internal users at the data center as well the contractor at the contact center.

The system easily interfaced with major electrical and mechanical subsystems including HVAC, standby generators, lighting and fire systems and offered PUE calculation and energy management all in one streamlined location.

The data center included the monitoring of dual power A/B feeds using (2) Liebert® EXS 400 kVA UPS systems (plans call for two more to follow) and (2) Liebert MMS 200 kVA PDUs. Auxiliary power was provided by multiple diesel generators for reliable, redundant operation that allows concurrent maintainability.


Vertiv expertise in designing, supplying and delivering the monitoring system resulted in 19% alarms reduction and 25% of capacity utilization increase.

A single, turnkey, industry-leading system, Vertiv™Critical Insight gave the ability to fully understand the customer operations and analyze the results with tools that made sense to them.

Whether it is a temperature history, utility metering, trend data or PUE measurement, Vertiv™ Critical Insight packaged the information the customer needed to manage its facility — all without the need for disparate monitoring systems.

Shielded from the threat of downtime and data loss, the customer was able to continue to grow its business and enhance its reputation as the leader in TV content provider.

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