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Tires and Fries...
Be Different!

The Importance of Learning About Network Critical Infrastructure

Tom Kiernan •

Today, selling anything isn’t easy. It’s probably as challenging a time as it’s ever been for our partners. The simple reason is that customers are armed with more information than ever before…apparently this internet thing has really caught on!

So now in the big bad sales world, if sellers want to be a trusted advisor and create loyal customers, they must differentiate themselves through their approach and create ways to solve real customer problems.

So how can Vertiv help you, our partner or prospective partner, to differentiate?

First, we can’t help you do anything unless we understand your business. The reality is that with the many opportunities you manage, network critical infrastructure (herein NCI) solutions and services (the solutions Vertiv offers) are NOT usually the highest revenue generating part of any proposal, and to be candid, it’s not the sexiest part either.

Trust me, I’ve been to parties where people have asked me what I do for a living and the answer “selling batteries” usually lands me alone, double dipping my chip.

NCI is the fries that comes with a bacon double cheeseburger… it’s the tires on a Tesla.  Whether your proposal is for a small IT closet or a large data center, much like the tires and fries, your customers can’t “live” without it.

Think about the exciting, revenue generating IT networking equipment and software you sell…the sexy stuff. What happens if you can’t keep it up and running? Perhaps even more importantly, what if you can’t discuss the value of protecting your customer’s investment? To be honest, you wouldn’t be alone. So back to the question, how can Vertiv help your business?

Differentiator #1: Set Yourself Apart

By learning the basics of NCI, you can set yourself apart from your competitors AND provide instantaneous value to your customer by helping them understand how important it is to keep their IT network up and running. Continuity is the key to profitability. 

Differentiator #2: Learn with Vertiv

Our Business Continuity certification is focused on driving incremental revenue for your business in the small IT and Edge environments. By learning about the latest trends and challenges that impact your customer's business you will be able to engage and share with them the importance of “tires and fries.” More importantly, we will help you learn how to discover their NCI “unstated” needs to identify and expand opportunities.

Differentiator #3: Learn with Vertiv!

You just said that, dip chip…

No, I didn’t. I yelled it!

Partnering with Vertiv separates you and your business from the “cookie cutter” NCI space. If you’ve had experience registering deals with our competitors, you might have found yourself in an abyss, unable to extricate yourself from the quagmire of the proverbial power and cooling pig pile.

So why would you STOP registering deals and submitting proposals the same old way, burying yourself under that giant pile?  Well, you see, our world-class solutions and services…blah blah blah blabber…nah, nah, nah…it’s not about that!

YES, we have the best network critical infrastructure offering in the world, but it is the support and guidance you will receive from our dedicated sales team that will help you drive value with your customers and WIN deals in the multi-billion dollar NCI space. Vertiv’s strategic mission now and the unforeseeable future is to help you navigate your way to incremental revenue and great profits.

If you haven’t already, join us on the journey and get yourself certified. Start enjoying some of the amazing support that we offer. Separate yourself and grow with Vertiv…you’ll be glad you did!

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